Monday, December 19, 2011

"Happy Herbivore" and Stiff Legs

I bring you a few pictures and reviews from Middle Earth! :)
Yes, I did watch Lord of the Ring: Two Towers yesterday.
Pumpkin Sage Pasta p. 199

Notes: Sadly, the beautiful, good-smelling dish had too much vegetable broth in it :( so that kind of ruined it for me.  I could smell it while it cooked and tasted it with each bite; completely took away from the pumpkin flavor. But I did try to cover it up with red pepper flakes that were called optional - I highly recommend it and use as much sage as possible :) Even though, this might have added to it, I only had enough sage for 1 tbs. that is used for one serving and I doubled it.  So!  I tried to use ground sage but that just wasn't the same.  Anyway, I would use less vegetable broth next time.  And don't fret!  This dish was probably going to be great if I hadn't put so much broth in - try it w/o my mistake please.  Otherwise, 4 1/2/5 stars :)

Now, it has been at least 45 minutes since I started this post, I had piano, but I came back into the kitchen and took out the Pasta from the fridge.  Who would have known?  It tasted great cold!  Yummmy.
                                                The Lemon Basil Pasta
                                                    Pumpkin Sage
                                               A little better picture; I was having a lot of trouble with the stupid lighting.
So why are there the words, "and Stiff Legs" in this post's title?  The saddle left bruises on the insides of my legs.  Ouch :) Oh well.  Plus, my thighs are nicely sore.

One can get in a car and see what man has made.  One must get on a horse too see what God has made. - Author Unknown

The love for a horse is just as complicated as the love for another human being...if you never love a horse, you will never understand. - Unknown Author

Riding is a partnership.  The horse lends you his strength, speed, and grace, which are greater then yours.  For your part, you give him guidance, intelligence and understanding which are greater then his.  Together you can achieve a richness that neither can alone. - Lucy Rees

He knows when you're happy.  He knows when you're comfortable.  He knows when you're confident.  And he always knows when you have carrots. - Author Unknown

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. - Winston Churchill 

Stay away from a horse long enough and you'll start tapping your fingers to the beat of a trot. - Author Unknown 

When riding a horse we leave our fear, troubles, and sadness behind on the ground. - Judi Carlson 

A Horseman should know neither fear, nor anger... - James Rarey

I hope I left you with a lot of good words today :)

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