Thursday, December 8, 2011

Novice Speaking Herbivore

I have found another dress!  It is more traditional then the other one and my teacher approved as we looked through page, after page, after page, of dresses.  She took my measurements again and told me what to look for - I am very happy with the dresses we found.  My heal has a huge! blister on my right foot; my left foot is getting there too.  It burns!  But I am used to it...stupid open calluses.  Next big news is, I tried the first recipe from the Happy Herbivore. It was a smoothie titled Cinnamon Bun Smoothie.  - Big thing is, I have never had a Cinnamon Bun before, and if I ever do, Veganized of course, I would be greatly disappointed if it didn't taste like how that smoothie did.  It was delicious!  Now, I can't give you the recipe now, or show the picture because I still have homework to do, but I will tomorrow.  I am so desperate for a Friday.  I have woken ever morning, asking myself, Is today Friday?  NO it isn't. I wanted to cry, but thankfully, tomorrow is finally Friday!  Also, I might make some simple black bean burgers tomorrow that look short, easy, and most importantly, I have all the ingredients it seems.  Anyway, with a bleeding heal, tired mind - my freakin' dog just licked the heal!  ARGH!, I need to share with my mum the pictures I found.  OH!  I forgot to tell you, I learned the Black Bird step tonight - mostly... I wanted to cry at each hop.
I can't show you the picture of the dress yet!  Just in case you're looking for one too!  ;)

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