Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Salad

From Savvy Vegetarian

Notes: We did not cook the black beans.  Also, we used basil.  Another thing, I don't know what they mean by this country in the Cooking tips because Savvy Vegetarian is in Canada - I think... yeah?  We also used jalapeno, not ginger.  We used green beans not yellow.  We used garlic cloves not garlic powder.  

So today was Family Shopping day that we did for the first time... It was fun.  We went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch where I discovered I am really having soy in moderation; not once a month.  We had tofu battered with rice flour and spices and served with a really fantastic sauce.  Next, I had a bowl that contained food (will try to post picture) that would normally give me two meals a day!  :) It was mixed vegetables with vermicelli noodles and more tofu.  The waitress didn't hear me say the other similar option with no tofu, but it was great either way.  I also had Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade.  Yummm...  Now, as for what we bought, we went shopping mostly for ourselves :) My dad got a Scent Lock Camo Jacket, my mom running shoes, and me a perfume from a local tack shop called Eau de Toilette that came from Goode Rider - it smelled really good.  Sadly, we didn't find any new riding pants there for me since my old pair is shockingly too big everywhere and my oldest pair almost fit but was a little small.  Me being picky, couldn't find the same brand as my most-recent pants from Kerrits or something Carrot-like.  
(My mother is very jealous of my new scent and is sorry that we can't have the same scent :) 

Ok, that's it.  I am going to explode and die.  But, before I do, I will finish my very first bottle of Fiji water of 15 oz. 

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