Friday, January 20, 2012

My dress!!!!

Yep, X1654 from is my dress.  :D and better yet, I will have it in time for the feis!  She is packing it as we speak!
Sigh of relief.
Next thing.
I might make waffles tomorrow if we get snow.
Where I am, we are supposed to get 3-6 inches.
Nice and cozy!
I will make the Dark Chocolate Pancakes that I still haven't reviewed yet on here -tis tis me.
Hey, so the Nutella is gone now too :((
For dinner, I had four of my special tacos :))
Black beans, Green Mt. Salsa (medium), Corn Tortillas, and Daiya Mozz. Cheese.  YUM
It really is a great combo.  You just really got to try it.

Off topic a minute,
the weather channel has really pretty music when it is showing the satellite map....

Is there anything else I need to say...
No :)

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