Friday, January 27, 2012

What Do You Eat When You're Sick?

Today I was "sik."  It is gross.  At least though, we have medicine in pill form to save me from a tissue-overload!  Ahhh!!
That'd be gross.
Anyway!  When I woke up, I thought I was going to school.  So I made a bowl of cereal with almond milk and dried cranberries.
Later, when I didn't go to school, I made CCK Chocolate Oatmeal.  The sad thing is, is that I had unsweetened cocoa so it was kind of bitter, but I did try to sweeten it with some extra chocolate chips (I didn't think of those though until I was one-third of the way through the bowl), agave, and sugar.
I made it extra thick, though.  Just how I like it :)
So what does one do on their day off because of sickness besides cook?
I read Specials by Scott Westerfeld.
I played Skyrim and am now part of the Dark Brotherhood.  (Assassins) It is pretty disturbed but I am only in it because of a horse you get :))
Furthermore, I did nothing.
I was curled up on a couch with Magical Unicorn PillowPet :))
I also watch Downton Abbey.  The best show ever. 
I hope I get better soon :( By Sunday preferably because I don't and can't afford to miss another horse lesson or I will go crazy.  More or less so.
More good news:  I got Catching Fire to read soon.
So excited.
Oh yeah!  Back to cooking.
I also just made some more rice, beans, celery, with turmeric, cayenne, dried cilantro, and cumin.
Warm and Spicy.
Two things I have been needing all day to get better.

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