Monday, January 23, 2012

Aftermath and Tears

Looks about right, right?
I need to start with the tears because the overwhelming feeling of regret and sadness for two people, maybe even three people, who aren't real but only characters of the most amazing trilogy in the world.  Yes, it is definitely safe to say that.
I can't ruin the end for anyone, but as I sit next to my mother who has taken away the book from me because she too has been sucked in, I wait anxiously to be able to talk to her about my pain and love for this book!
I haven't felt this way since I finished the third book of the Green Rider series by Kristen Britain.  I am stuck on the third book :(
Does anyone else have those stomach-churning moments when they read a book with a romance that just keeps accumulating then completely drops with a cliff hanger?
I am barely holding onto that cliff with only my nails scraping away any skin that lies between the rock and my bone.
Three character triangle.  Ergh.

Moving on...
The Aftermath of yesterday's fall.
Ah, the pain and soreness of today are relished with no complaint.  Although, I do enjoy telling people about it because I loved it so much and so I bring it up by saying things like, "Am I walking funny?"
And apparently I am.
My friends all brought to my attention that I looked like I limping.  I then asked Brandy which side I limping on.
"You seem to be favoring your right side.  Ya know, putting all your weight on there."
Well Brandy, that's because my left side of my butt is all achy.
I truly don't mind, but sitting down, let alone getting up from a couch, is somewhat difficult.
I also learned today, again from Brandy, that injuring you butt also can affect your back.
This was learned because I said my back was very sore today when I got out of bed.
When I tried to get up this morning, I felt the wind was slightly knocked out of me.
Anyway, I am looking forward to what next week brings and I need to get through Specials by Scott Westerfeld by Thursday at the latest. (I can rip through his books as though they were a picture).  I need to get to Catching Fire before my mom and I go insane, and trust me, I am having difficulty keeping my sanity.

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