Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Pumped Up Kicks

Dress X1654 is to be my dress.  :D This is so exciting!  And I hope, I should, have it before the upcoming feis on Feb. 18.

Not only with this hopefully up my points on presentation/appearance, but this will be my first small feis - meaning, Nationals (my first feis) was really big :).
I have the whole year too to get up past my current level Novice, and Prizewinner and hopefully be a Junior Champion within the next four years.
This way, I will be able to qualify for World's :))
Yes, it is one of the many dreams of every (competitive) Irish dancer.  And one of my goals within the next four years.
Imagine if I qualified by the end of the Summer?
Right before World's?
It is possible.  After all, I have been moving up consistently within these past few feis' I have been in.
But I don't think, or maybe I know, I wouldn't be able to dance at that level.
A World Championship level.
Anyway, dance again tonight.
Then, double practice starting this week for an upcoming dance event.
What else was I going to say...
Well, Corn Tortillas are good warm with cold Amy's Black Bean Soup :))
Anyone else reading the Hunger Games?
I don't really like Peeta right now, but everyone is telling me I will hate Gale next book. :((
Furthermore, in the what-I'm-reading subject, I got my first Horse Illustrated magazine today that was one of  my Christmas gifts. <3
Then, cacao nibs are also good with that Oats/Craisin/Cinnamon mix I love so much.  Only, with the Cacao nibs, they stick to the crowns of your back teeth and leave a chocolate covered raisin taste.
I don't mind, but those of you who didn't/did like that combo, won't want cacao drops from Sunspire in their's :))

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