Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am a Bad Blogger

I never posted this past weekend!  And it is even more shaming that I had a three day weekend!  Gr.  Well, since I still haven't posted pictures and reviews, I will at least give two recipes :):
Flowery Smoothie (The word flowery just literally popped into my head)
1 c frozen/thawed-ish strawberries
1/2 a frozen/thawed banana
1/2-1 c Quick Oats
1 - 2 Small handfuls of Cacao Nibs (I used Sunspire)
A few icecubes (Optional)
1/4 Unsweetend Almond Milk

Blend and Serve

Note: I finally used some of the Cacao nibs that have been sitting in my baking drawer :)

I made homemade Nutella.  Only, it is better than Nutella.
It is healthier.
Lower in calories/fat.
No crap-ingredients.
And it is just really good.
My dad and I have started eating it.
It is almost half gone already after making it two days ago.

Did you know roasted hazelnuts seem to either taste like "Nutella" or popcorn?
Yes, I was eating some when they came out of the oven while I skinned them.

So good.
CCK is helping fulfill my dream of eating a "whole" container of Nutella :))

dance is tonight and maybe tomorrow too.  I hope not though because I am exhausted.
(Got too excited about some snow and ice accumulation warnings)

Next recipe.
Another TACO!

1 corn tortilla, warmed
A small handful of Daiya Mozzarella
Some lettuce
Black Beans, your choice of how much
Some Green Mountain Gringo Medium Salsa

Put it all together and eat!
I had two.
They were really, really good.
They are a little messy...
Feel free to comment about what eating tactic you used to get it all down :)
I went from all sides.

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