Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miss Me?

Sadly, this post will not have any pictures, but some other foodie-dance-random related this.
I have had many Happy Herbivore recipes in the past...whatever time period from the last post.  In fact, I just made one and happily ate it.  The serving was very large to my small appetite but I couldn't help myself to put it in another container for another day!  The second serving, I'm afraid, is going to have to be made into a third serving.  The "afraid" part, is my laziness speaking.  Sigh.
Well, besides that, I had dance last night.  And last week too.  :) My blister from November is still slowly healing along with a bruise on the opposite foot and just two days ago, my other toe started to hurt on the blistered foot and now, I must suck it up because it kills to walk but I strangely have no idea what happened to it.  Stupid Advil doesn't work either...Humph.
Still haven't watch Christ McCandless yet...
OH!  I had my first PB&J this past weekend on a Youth Group retreat on a blueberry bagel type thing... AMAZING.  My new favorite two-condiment sandwich :)
Also, I have started using Nutritional Yeast!  Only, my fear still plagues me to the point of using Latex Gloves when I do...I look so stupid.
Anyway, what else...I got taller :)
And I think I am more than half way done with the Happy Herbi. cookbook.
Back to dance though.
I have it again tonight and we are going to learn White Blanket, a set dance that will be needed for levels higher than Novice which I am currently in.
Our next competition is on Feb. 18.
I am still looking for a dress.  So frustrating!  I am thinking about getting a custom made on though.
And by the way, I suck at Jockey to the Fair.  My rhythm just disappears when I do it.
Hey, has anyone heard about the new TLC show coming out in the summer called, Tween Irish Dancers?
The producer called my teacher to ask her and our school to be on it.  She said no because she wouldn't do that to us unless we went and emailed the producer ourselves.
I looked into it last night.
It screams Toddlers and Tiaras + Dance Moms = Tween Irish Dancers.
The show will probably make the guys look gay.
The girls bratty.
And the dance, which they call, "Irish Jig Dancing," look stupid and snobby.
The just turned many peoples passion, look like complete scum.
At first, I was really excited.  I would only have done it if I got paid (Save up for college and beyond that), but then again, I don't really have time for a TV stalking me.
They will take all the good I say, and make it sound like I am cussing behind the camera and putting all the crap I didn't stop myself from saying, and put that in place of all the good.
The also say our dance costumes look strange.
That we have only "tween" dancers, but really, we have dancers from the ages of 3-80.
Who wants to watch that show now?
They already have 8 episodes recorded :D
(Sense the sarcasm)
Moving on!
I finally tried it.
The Mozzarella though.
It is fantastic.
Throw some Portobello mushrooms, lettuce, Happy Herbivore's Taco Sauce, and melt some cheese on a Spinach Wrap, and I have a really nice meal.  - I had this for breakfast the past two days :)
Lettuce, Cheese, and Kidney Beans on a Spinach Wrap, though I am strangely sensing I forgot to write down another very important ingredient...I hope I will remember.
What else do I need to tell you?
I am going to try to make my own granola bars...
I had the BEST taco ever from this cookbook...
I think that's it.
I promise to post this weekend too. :)

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