Monday, January 2, 2012

"She is still in MA," "No, she's sick," NO I'M HOME

"Do we have gym today?" Brandy texted me at 6:30 this morning.
8:40 A.M. Almost two hours later.
"We don't have school today," I answered. "But tomorrow we do."
3:29 P.M. Twenty-nine minutes after school ended.
"Echo," Brandy texted me. "We had school that why you weren't there?"

"Did we have school today?" I asked Cathleen.
"Did we have school today?" I asked Bryant.
"Did we have school today?" I asked Mandy.

Yes was the same answer each time.  After Brandy and Cathleen answered me, I truly thought they were out to scare me, so I asked Mandy, the one I knew I could trust, instead.

"You didn't know?" She said.
"Nope, my mom said we didn't 'cause it's a national holiday." I texted back sheepishly.
"...but you're right we should've had today off. :P not fair."
"hahahaha good ;))) lol did mr. A or Ms. S ask where I was?"
Now, the two answers I got for that last question were:
"Everyone assumed you were still in MA." Brandy told me.
":) No everyone assumed you were sick." Mandy told me.

Well guess what????
I wasn't the only one gone, but I don't know why my other friend was out either.

Sigh, might as well have thought I'd died!  Lack of "Protein!"

Anyway, today was really awesome without the way, I have dance tomorrow and Wed.  - Competitive class is starting!  Wahoo!

Today, my dad and I went shooting, but instead, for maybe an hour, we tracked a female deer instead that was around the targets :)) I found it.  It was really cool.  Then, after a while, we shot a target and went home due to my starting-to-feel-like-their-freezing fingertips and toes.
Later, I made the Fried bananas and granola bars from Happy Herbivore.
Will post reviews about those another day.
Anyway, today was good.  Both food wise and non-food wise - today also included Skyrim! :D
Sad to say, I did not get to watch the movie about Chris McCandless.
Tomorrow is another day though...not that I'll have time... 7-9 dance this week.

To think that I could have been snowed into Boston...that would have been awesome!  Trust me, I prayed for that while we were in MA. Sigh, I guess God gave me a snowless day here at home, not in the place I wanted, but it definitely felt like snowy day.  I hope we get snow though soon!  

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