Saturday, January 21, 2012

They are FINALLY Here...

Granola Bars pg. 23 (Picture 2)

Notes: Regular recipe is great on it's own :))

Neapolitan Smoothie pg. 14 (Picture above)

Notes: Easy and good 

Basic Tofu Scramble pg. 28 (Picture 7)

Notes: Really Good.  I put in Pinto Beans and celery.  My dad and I loved it.  Can't tell the difference between eggs and tofu.

Dark Chocolate Pancakes pg. 43 (Picture 6)

Notes: I made 3 large was supposed to make 6.  The only two explanations are either I didn't measure right, or I ate three pancakes worth of batter...  I also ate these with the raspberry jam.

Chocolate Spice Muffins pg. 51 (Picture 4)

Notes: These are adorable and very good.  I ate a considerable amount of these within only a few days.  There were a dozen, and I ate six one day... :))

Bella Tacos pg. 91 (Picture 3)

Notes: Best. Tacos. Ever.

Taco Sauce pg. 293 (Picture 5)

Notes: Great with everything 

Fried Bananas pg. 259 (Picture 9)

Notes: They are okay-good if done correctly...

CCK Nutella 

Notes: Better than the "real" stuff. 

Yes!  I finally did it!  Good.  I need to see how many recipes I have left because it seems about half way if not a little more.

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