Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bored. Again.

Set Fire to the Rain <3 favorite song by Adele.  Even if she drives me crazy if I listen to her over and over, I thought I needed to listen to her now.
I don't know why so don't ask.
Let's talk about wishes.  Random ones.  Not really important ones.

To start -
I wish I could eat a whole thing of peanut butter, dark chocolate peanut butter, and cinnamon peanut butter by Peanut Butter Co.
I wish I could eat a whole thing of Veganized-Nutella.
Or a whole thing of raw Happy Herbivore's Dark Chocolate Pancake batter that is supposed to make six pancakes but instead made three large ones for me with Raspberry jam on top.
I wish I could spend a whole day riding.
Sleep till 11 A.M. going to bed at nine or nine-thirty as usual.
Maybe have it snow for a week straight (snow accumulating of course with no school ;)
For my hard shoes to magically break in when I step into them. - took me three years for my first pair.
For scratches, bruises that you don't want to transform into scars to heal on a whim.
For yeast not to haunt me so much.
TO SLEEP when I want - nap and not need to wait till night/pitch black.
What else...I have an hour to kill...
My shoulder to not give out so quickly when I shoot my bow.
For me to do thirty sit-ups without laying down/stopping.
Grrr..........this is boring and those who follow this blog are probably annoyed at my random-not-needed posts.  Sorry.
One last wish...
Eat a whole thing of 365 Whole Foods Vegan Chocolate Chips.
Yep.  Those are good wishes.

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