Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is Why You Wear a Helmet.

Happy Sunday!

No recipes :((
No Vegetarian news :((

Irish dance news?
Well, there is still only the dress.  Strange woman who is selling...


I went over more poles today. Ha HA.
One step closer to a jump!
LOVE Jumping.

Exhilarating.  a Rush.  Fun.

Hey, has anyone ever heard the saying, "The hardest part about riding is the ground?"
Well, I once again experienced it today, and I gotta say, I am getting the hang of how to fall in different circumstances and ways.

I have fallen three, four times and it has only been the first time that was scary and actually threatening.
Because the horse got spooked and reared and started hysterically running around our one-and-a-half-man length area.
Furthermore, my helmet and I have been through a lot.  My helmet has saved me every time and it now carries many "scars" or "memories" if you will.

Anyway, when I fell today, I would have ranked this as my 2nd best fall.
This is how it went:
Once upon a time, on a snowy day in an indoor riding ring, Phantom and I went back and forth from trotting to walking.  Then, I don't even remember asking if I was just trying to trot, preparing for a walk or a sitting trot, or if I was just so into it that I bounced right out of the saddle!
My falls are categorized into two titles: Comical or Graceful.
It seems that my comical ones are always on my own two feet and the graceful are on something else.  In this case, the fall was Graceful.
Now, it is really amazing how fast our minds can react.
So when I started to fall, my mind had never been so clear!  In fact, my first thought was, "Grab the bridle."  Then, "No!  What if Phantom fell on me?  Or the saddle fell with me?"
Before I hit the ground, my helmet hit the wall and made a loud thud. 
It didn't hurt.  Or at least, the pain has not yet, or never will, be registered. 
Next, when I hit the ground, my instructor said my face was like, "Why am I down here?"
But I did stand right up after that with a throbbing pain in my butt.
To continue, my lesson went on happily.  My parents dusting the dirt off my side until I was clean enough to get into the car.
Good news is though, I am very close to a summer job.  :D
Phantom and I are gonna be even better friends :)
Maybe Jersey will like me too....
After all, the key to a horses' heart, is through food.
Right now, I am sitting with Magical Unicorn.  My first and only PillowPet.
Why do I have a P.P.?
Because all I asked for from my friends for my birthday were stuffed horses :P

Wait!  Before I wrap up, I do have a Vegan update: I have only done 20 recipes out of 175... What a slap in the face!  It felt like so much more!  Grr... I need to do more again.
Then, I also did the pancake recipe again yesterday for lunch and this time I managed five out of six pancakes.
I suppose again that I ate a pancake's worth of batter... I held out for so long too!

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