Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being Tired Has Its Downsides....

For example, I was "missing" part of my retainer since yesterday morning and have been looking for it, since a few minutes ago.
So this is how my mornings usually go:  I wake up all groggy and such, waddle down the hall to the bathroom, and go to brush my teeth.  Now, I usually put my retainer on the container before I put it away, but yesterday, I forgot to.  Furthermore, this has happened before, well, to the point I almost forget to put it away, but I didn't notice I didn't have it till last night.
Anyway, now my mom found it in a cup where my toothbrush goes...
Overall, the point of that story was to tell you how exhausted I was.

Second today, I just made some rice, salsa, and black beans.  That was good.
Dance is only for an hour tonight, and another good news for dance is:  My family might go to see Lord of the Dance!  Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!  (one of the dancers who will be one of the lead's this time around, was one of my teachers and is once and a while)

Some Vegan news (or just plain old food news):  I read in an article about a few food lies.  As in, when it comes to "natural" you might be eating crushed bugs for your "natural" food coloring.
Furthermore, aside from the article, (if I can find the article again I will post it, but it was on my dad's Facebook page) Tostitos don't seem to have any preservatives in them.  I just looked them up to be sure, and I couldn't find anything!  I am actually pretty shocked.  They seem like the are crap because I and my family feel sick after eating them...

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