Saturday, November 19, 2011

Waking, I Crash

So tired.  Yesterday, at 5:45 A.M. I woke up because I was to go to Philadelphia.  We left a 6:30 and got there at a little after 9:30 I guess.
I don't really like Philly.  Like Boston history-feeling wise, but trashier.  No offense...
But that doesn't mean I didn't have good food :)
What I ate, I got excited about even though you are probably thinking, "Whatever..."

Bourse Hall
Lunch - A Banana, Garden Deluxe Salad w/ whole wheat roll, Nature Valley Trail Mix granola bar
Dinner was the most exciting meal yesterday!
Dinner - An Apple, Fruit Salad, and, wait for it, out of every food stuffs that was there, I found Vegan Cookies!
I got Chocolate ones; they were shaped like hearts :))

So I broke off a piece of cookie and asked my friend if she wanted to try it.  Now, lets call her Brandy (hehe).  "Brandy" hasn't liked any Vegan food I have given her except for the Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie from Whole Foods. Now, as she asked me with certain uncertainty and caution, I laughed and gushed over how good I truly thought it was.  It tasted exactly like the Kashi Chocolate Chip Oatmeal? Cookies.
Brandy, taking a nibble, handed it back to me with disgust.  All I did was wave her away and tell her to throw it out and what a waste it was to share my wonderful food with her.

Contemptment.  Exausted. And wanting to go to bed, I force my eyelids to stay open.
Drama Queen right?
:) Yeah.

This week I am making two things for Thanksgiving but won't be able to post them until the Friday or Saturday after.  Sorry, going up to Connecticut and won't have access to computer and plus, laziness from hopefully-tasty goodness warming me.

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