Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Have Just Discovered the BEST Stuffing Ever!

First of all, the Four Post Series for the Holidays won't be posted again until latest Sunday, but hopefully Saturday.  Anyway, a lot of foods at Thanksgiving are filled with, are, or has some meat in it.  Whether it be a beef-stock, butter, or miniscule pieces of meat, it is not Vegan.  
Now, no one else in my family is a Vegan, and even though my mum is a Pesco-tarian, she won't eat the stuffing at our family's in case of beef-stock in there, because she made the mistake once, and it affected her greatly for a few hours.  
Anyway, I have made two new recipes today that are good.  First, is a Vegan Cornmeal Biscuit recipe that got a three out of five stars in my opinion, and a Vegan Stuffing.  Yummmm......... It is so good!  I know I shouldn't be eating it, but I only took a few bites, but seriously, it was so good!  
Everyone excited for Thanksgiving? :)
I am! 
If anyone else has any good Vegan Thanksgiving or any holiday recipes, please feel free to post underneath!  Thanks!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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