Monday, November 14, 2011

"Heart beats fast Colors and promises How do be brave How can I love when I'm afraid To fall But watching you stand alone All of my doubt Suddenly goes away somehow One step closer"

Why would some Vegans think horseback riding is abuse?  :(( I was so happy to be back on for my birthday... Riding a Draft Cross Breed Quarter Horse named Jersey Girl who stood maybe three feet higher than me; but maybe I'm exaggerating... :) I loved it!  It has been two years since I was on, and a while back I was thrown off and was scared but was saddened because I loved horses, and my love never decreased, but increased with the rising and growing hope of getting back on.  I have always wanted a horse.  A Friesian male purebred named Ranger - my dream.  But, the truth is, I love all horses, but Drafts are my favorite with their big muscles, height, elegance, and strength.  
Here's my answer as to why some Vegans dislike it: It is all about the execution.  
Yes, horseback riding can be abusive, but if you are like me, you love every second of it and don't want to hurt the creature in any way! The horses especially love the riding, even if they were lazy and tired like Jersey :)) but it is winter!  Hehe the horses at the stable were all quieting down and winter is cold!  
Ya know what?
I have never been able to get the posting correctly in trotting (second speed up from walking) in my on-and-off in the past six years.  I was younger when I started; small and scrawny and full of an excitement that felt as though it could never be diminished until the fall.  
The only good fall I ever had was rolling over a pony when he tripped in the dark!  But Waif, he just stood by me, content and waiting for me to get back on.  While the three adults watched my motionless body in the sand, calling out asking if I were okay, I just laughed a joyful laugh because it was so funny!  
Every penny I get is going to horseback riding.  Or at least, with college mixed in :)) 

Horseback riding is so much more than what some people think.  Yes, it is a sport.  Yes, it is a lifestyle.  And yes, it is a passion.  
"Horses are God's apology for men."

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