Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"As much as I'd like the past not to exist It still does And as much as I'd like to feel like I belong here I'm just as scared as you...I have nothing left And all I feel is this cruel wanting Take it all away Shadows of you Cause they won't let me go"

Death has never been something to hit me hard, but it has never been someone close to me.  The only close death that hit me was my cat.  Now though, it still doesn't hit me, but it does give me grief because my dance school is a family, and we just lost one of our little sisters.  
6 years old.
Killed in a mysterious way because how could you kill this way?  - I won't tell you.
It isn't right for such deaths; especially at this is age, and such a happy little girl!  She had just learned her over-two-threes that day, then went to a friend's house...
I hope God wanted her, because can the devil take away what is not his? 
Did she know God?
Probably not.

The good of the day?
I wore my Tim Thomas Home Jersey :)) Bruins are playing today!  
Many comments!  Plus a merit!  Haha! 
Also, I made Mashed Cauliflower.
It turned out surprising well.  Bland a little, but not really.  Just simple.

Simple Cauliflower
1 Head of Cauliflower
Chopped Parsley

Chop the cauliflower.  Don't cook cauliflower.
Put a few pieces of cauliflower in a Food Processor.  Pulse multiple times.  It now should have the consistency of Parmesan cheese.   
Now, take the rest of the cauliflower and boil till soft.  - I did not do this, but I put pieces in a bowl with water and put in microwave because I was too lazy to get the stove all set up :))
Put softened cauliflower in processor with some salt, pepper, and parsley.
When done, btw it should be mashed-potato like, put in a container or in your bowl and put some more pepper, salt, and parsley in and stir.  Enjoy! 

Also, I discovered I really am a 2nd Soprano :D Wait, did I post about yesterday?
Well, I had a voice lesson yesterday.  It was awesome!  No stress, comfortable, and good.  I can reach a High C so I am not an Alto but an 2nd Soprano.  HA I reached and passed my not-knowing I already had it, wish.  

"The hardest part of moving on is when you're going through every damn day, wishing it never happened.  Stay strong!" - Author Unknown

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