Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Do what you, what you want Your world's closing in on you now....Stand and face the unknown"

Phantom of the Opera.  One blue eye.  One brown eye.  
I went riding again today, and with a different, smaller horse.  Probably a paint or pinto crossbreed...His face was only half white and had white socks.  
I got to ride with no bridle sometimes for checking my balance and strengthening my legs.  It was really great. 
Anyway, today's going to be about some things that really irk me about what seems to be a lot of Vegans/Vegetarians.

1. If you type in "Vegetarian shirts" or Vegan, all the shirts have something political on them.  For example, "I don't eat meat" or "Meat eaters are murderers." ... That is really stupid because that is all that comes up!  Why can't there be something nice?  Like, "My plate looks like the rainbow!" with a plate of food.  
Doesn't that bother anyone else?
To be so stereo-typical about such things about meat and the consumer?

2. Do Vegetarians eat animal crackers?
   How do they get protein?
   Vegetarians are more prone to deficiency of some nutrient/mineral.
 Okay, I know these questions and words bother us all!  I mean really, we eat animal shaped foods - Annie's pretzels, ANIMAL CRACKERS, cookies.
  It is so stupid; all these wonderings and questions that are pointless and superficial.  My friend "Brandy" and my other friend "Alice" both were "shocked" at my birthday that I ate Annie's pretzels that were shaped like bunnies.
 Alice was like, "You can't eat those!  Only the carrot shaped ones!"
So, in mocking her, I ate a carrot shaped one, then took two bunny ones and tore their heads off and ate them viciously in front of her and everyone.  Lady-like right?  Whatever.

3.  Vegetarians don't know what they are missing out on...
We all started out as meat-eaters, so yes, we do know, and it was a conscious decision to become a non-meat-eater.  Also, we can have everything we want, but we have them in different forms.  
I can have the best scone ever and it can be Veganized for my diet.  
(I did, in fact, have a Vegan Oatmeal Date Scone yesterday from Whole Foods and my dad and I loved it!) 
So, see?  We can have EVERYTHING non-Vegetarians eat, but in different ways!

Being in a non-Vegetarian world, isn't all that hard.  Even when the ridicule is bad, you don't view it the same as me so I won't take it personally - all the time :). 
My way.
That scone, was really good.

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