Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happiness in Food, Friends, and Life

11.13.## is my birthday!  Tomorrow.  :D SO!  I had all my best friends over, 7 - two boys and fours girls + me being a girl haha.  I LOVE my friends!  They are the best!  It was the best time ever and they all agreed too!  One of my friends, I think I had called him Bryant before... he locked himself in the uppermost room's closet.  I and the girls fled outside while my other friend, "Louise," was in the bathroom on the floor below Bryant.  When I and the girls came back in, since we had run outside, we saw Bryant looking absolutely terrified and seemed like he could have been shaking, he was so pale!  Thank goodness Louise saved him.  Well, we ran around the house even more after that for maybe three hours making fools of ourselves on my front yard since it is a busy street - dancing, waving and yelling.  The guys gave me and two of my other friends piggyback rides, which by-the-way, absolutely terrified me now.  Louise and Bryant are maybe four to five inches taller than me.  I didn't feel comfortable getting on Bryant's back, so my friend "Keira" had to pick me up the few inches and get me on... "Oh my goodness!" "Bloody hell!"  "Oh crap!"  "AHHHHHH!" "Put me down!  Put me down!  Bryant, put me down!" "I think I am going to throw up, oh no."  "Maybe not..."  I don't like the notion that I am going to fall.  Planes, backs, buildings, steps, elevators, ect.  Scared. My friends said I looked like I was going to puke, I looked extremely pale - which is saying something considering how pale I already am, and I was just so scared and wide-eyed.  While I was on him still, I was grabbing his shoulders, had my fingers in his neck, and arms wrapped around his throat.
"You almost made me fall," Bryant said from me holding on to his neck.
"Well, I thought I was going to fall because you leaned forward, so I thought that if I fell, you were coming down with me." I said in mock-amusement.
"That's not nice."
Love my friends.
Anyway, here is a recipe and then I shall go back to my amazing story and how Vegan ties into it:

Very Simple Black Bean Spread
1 can of Black Beans, not drained.
A little Lemon Juice
1 tsp. Salt
2 tsp. Pepper
Lots of Paprika - or to your liking

Put in food processor.  Blend to liking.  When ready, put some more Paprika on.

Oat Milk Smoothie
A little less than 1/4 cup Oat Milk
1 Chilled, In freezer for 1 hour, Chopped Banana
Vegan Chocolate Chips
Ice Cubes

Blend to liking in Blender.

Nice and easy!  Now back to the story.
Cupcakes - I will post pictures later - from Carousal Cupcakes.  Sadly, none of them were Vegan, so I happily got six cookies from Whole Foods that were.  They only had six... 3 Chocolate Chips and 3 Gingerbread/Molasses.  Yummm.
We also had pizza.  Peppers and Onion, Plain, and a Pepperoni.  I had a few bits with as little cheese as possible of the Peppers and Onions.  It was really good, but  I mainly had salad - Button Mushrooms, Kidney Beans, some lettuce, Craisins, and Tomatoes.  Apparently to my dad, this didn't sound all that great, but it actually was really good.  It was even better w/o the lettuce.
Have I cooked anything else recently?  Hmm... I don't think so.
Hey!  News!
I am going to try and be a Soy-Free Vegan!  But I will, on occasion, have some soy.

Life is soooo good.  Like food :))

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