Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and Stupidity

I am typing this all with one hand because, well, lets start with the Stupidity.  Last night was my first dance practice  for a feis I am doing in the fall.  Well, right after that, I went to youth group for a few hours.  Right when we were all leaving, I was running sideways.  Whoops my ankle slid out from under me... My mom and I spent two hours in the ER where I learned I sprained both my left ankle and wrist.  I am completely immobile on my left side.  I had been dancing practically all day yesterday!   Grrrrrrrrrr.  :( Anyway, the Bad was I am tired and the Best, was this past weekend.  My parents and I went to NYC on Sep. 10.  We went to Ground Zero which was pretty amazing - we also saw a lot of men and women from the Army and Police with their guns which was pretty cool.  The reason we went to NYC was to see Within Temptation.  It was amazing!  I almost lost my voice that night, and I have been recovering since.  It was SOOOOOO cool.  Only, and sadly, when Sharon opened her mouth, I instantly knew she had a sore throat :( Poor Sharon.  But it was awesome anyway. 

Here's a recipe -

- 1 Frozen Banana - Peeled and cut up
- About one-third or a half a cup of Plain Soymilk
- 1/4 teaspoon of Vanilla Exract
- About 1/2 a cup of (Vegan - Optional) Chocolate Chips - Depending on how chocolaty you like it.
- Two Icecubes
- Optional* Protein Powder

Blend it till satisfied with the chunkiness/smoothness and enjoy :))

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