Sunday, August 14, 2011

"He saw her everyday....Then he got up the nerve to ask her out one day....She said, "Okay, shut up!" I will meet you on the corner I'll be wearin' something pretty Just for you, you can hold my hand Kiss my cheek, we'll be together, forever, You may be the very Best thing that's happened to me."

                                                      Mount Washington Hotel porch view - Day 1
                                                  The Stable :)) with lots of horses :)) - Day 1-2
                                                                             C ItGo! - Day 7
          My mom, me, and cousin :)) Watching as my other cousin, the bride and my cousin's sister, and her    fiance dance. - Day 3 
                                                      Timmy!!!!!!!  At the Garden - Day 9
George's Island: Chimney - Day 9

                                                                              Day 4
                                                      This is what I woke up to every morning
                                                               I went here :D - Day 6

I am finally back :)) Sorry, these pictures are completely out of order, so I will number them :).
Berklee is a busy campus, even in the summer, but it was sooooooooooo cool!  Well, first of all, I came back yesterday... But, when we left, we came the day before the rehearsal dinner.  We ate at the Rosebrook Bar at the hotel for dinner, but for lunch we went to Fabyan's At The Station down the street.  The next day, it was the rehearsal dinner and manis and pedis for the bride and her bridesmaids, as well as my mom's and our grandma's.  My nails are called "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" (Sparkly Light Pink) and my toes are "I Feel The Earth Move (a Dark Burgendy)."  While we had our nails down, I was "punished" by having me dry my nails in a corner cut out by a wall from the room :)  'Cause I ruined the nail a little.  Hehe.  Then, when it was dry, I ate all the fruit off of two of the three cheese/bread/fruit platters my cousin got for us for lunch... Later, at the rehearsal dinner, my cousin had  BBQ type dinner.  One of the options at the dinner, was a veggie burger the hotel made :)  It was SO good!  I also had potato salad for the first time which was amazing, coleslaw, 2 pieces of corn bread, a chocolate chip cookie, a bite of cake, a brownie with ganache, and a oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.  Yum.  The rehearsal and everything was amazing!  The next day was prep and the wedding.  My first wedding.  We had our hair done, my cousin had all curls and it was really pretty, and everyone seemed to have curls in their hair too.  Haha, in the bridal party at least.  After the wedding and photos, which were SO fun!  we almost danced into the dinner :).  The dinner for me, was two rolls, Summer Squash Bisque Soup, a few bites of Caesar Salad, Mushroom Manicotti, and a handful of chocolate chips from the ice cream bar :)  Yes, my cousin had an ice cream bar besides cake.  Everyone danced, well me, I tried... After the wedding which went from 4 - 11 PM, everyone left.  The next day, everyone left except my parents and I.  We stayed for one more day and then went to Salem.  I do not like Salem at all.  Sorry.  We saw a witch trial which was kind of boring.  After, that day, we went to Boston and went on a duck tour, a boat ride, another boat ride, and a concert at the Wilbur Theatre to see Gaelic Storm.  I got 4 out of the 5 autographs, only because the 4th didn't come out while I was there.  It was really cool.  Too bad it ended...  So, tonight I recreated a sandwich I had at Mt. Washington, and I did really well.  It tasted exactly like the ones they made!   It was sauteed Purple Eggplant on a croissant with hummus and Raspberry Vinaigrette.  Only, it had one piece of eggplant, one piece of summer squash, and one piece of zucchini.  Very good.  I also made a Spicy Eggplant Dip.  Yummy too.  Now I am watching "Tangled" hehe.  That's good too.  No bad experiences this week, only, on Friday, I saw a tiny bird that was dead beside a train track... It had gotten hit.  Also, the girl who's mom had cancer, died on Thursday night...  Sorry.  Good Night.
A good song to wrap up the wedding :)
Great Song Too
My other theme song I think, is Green Eyes, Red Hair by Gaelic Storm too :) but I can't find it on

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